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Free Professional Development

There are an overwhelming number of webinars available for free to school counselors on SEL programming, virtual counseling, and planning for college in the time of Coronavirus. Find below where many of these webinars can be accessed, as well as a few that we found particularly helpful. 

Where to find PD

CASEL Cares Webinar Series

  • A weekly webinar series offered by the SEL experts. 

    • The webinar below provides excellent information on supporting parents and students in SEL at home. 

American School Counselor Association (ASCA) Pop Up Covid-19 Webinars

  • ASCA provides a webinar series that addresses a myriad of topics relevant to school counseling in the age of distance learning. Click through for ethical considerations in virtual school counseling; distant school counseling at elementary, middle and high school levels (with corresponding toolkits); and developing surveys and collecting data with Google Forms. 

International School Counselor Association (ISCA)

  • ISCA offers a host of webinars that address the various concerns associated with the pandemic. Of particular use are the grief and loss, offering virtual counseling, and school re-opening information sessions. 

Souther Regional Education Board (SREB) Webinar Series

  • SREB offers a webinar series as part of their response to online learning. Videos that outline applying for and paying for college, advice from current virtual school counselors, and what admissions professionals want counselors to know are offered. 

    • School Counseling from a Distance is a high school-oriented                                                                                                webinar presented by Brian Coleman, 2019 National School                                                                                              Counselor of the Year, that provides excellent resources and                                                                                                outlines what's working for his team during this time. There                                                                                                is also a follow-up to this webinar that includes middle and                                                                                            elementary school information. 

Massachusetts School Counselors Association (MASCA)

  • MASCA, like many other state school counseling associations, is presenting on-demand webinars to help address concerns school counselors have regarding delivery of effective content to their students in an online setting. 

    • ​Find below College Admission Counseling in Times of Crisis – The View from Both Sides, a webinar helpful for understanding how to counsel juniors and seniors during this time, both from the perspective of school counselors and admissions officers. 












Other Useful Webinars:

Infusing Evidence-Based Practice into Virtual School Counseling Programs (ASCA)

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