School Counseling in the Age of COVID-19

A Letter from the Directors

At the best of times it is challenging to find agreement on what exactly is included in the role and responsibilities of school counselors. Local needs and expectations frame what we, and others, expect of ourselves. As a result of this pandemic, the demands and expectations can be even more complicated and diverse. In an effort to support school counselors, CSCORE will be providing a space to both access resources that help ease the transition into e-service delivery, and also share what school counselors have found most effective in this very uncertain distance learning environment.

There are many resources out there, but we will be highlighting a select few that we think may be useful. We will also be surveying school counselors to find out how they are navigating these challenges, as well as what strategies and solutions they’ve been employing to better assist them in this transition. If you would like to take the survey and share your thoughts, please click here. As school counselors complete the form, we will compile the resources and suggestions and update the website to best address your needs and spread your ideas.

Wishing you the best. 

                                                            Carey Dimmitt, Director                                  Dawn Horton, Associate Director


Resources for Practicing School Counselors


DeAndre Hinson, 1st Year School Counseling Master's Student

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