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Tier 1 Interventions for Grades K-8

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

PBIS offers a variety of interventions that can work to change systems within an entire school. Interventions are designed to address safety, fair discipline, and positive student behavior. This site has interventions relevant to all three tiers.



A weekly lesson-based intervention that focuses on topics like building community, listening, problem solving, dealing with adversity, etc.


Caring School Community

An intervention that focuses on deepening the connections that students feel with the school, their classroom group, and their teachers. It includes lessons for students and resources for teachers.


Positive Action

A program focused on implementing social emotional learning in the classroom and the larger system of the school. Offers over 140 lessons per year, with materials for students, teachers, school counselors, and parents. 


Responsive Classroom

An intervention focused on creating safe learning environments for students to grow and learn, with materials for teachers and students. 


Student Success Skills

A program designed to help students develop key cognitive, social, and self-management skills. Works to create a caring classroom environment, healthy habits, and effective learning strategies.


Olweus Bullying Prevention Program

Whole-school program that is designed to prevent and reduce bullying throughout the building. Intervention is performed at both a Tier 1 and Tier 2 level.



A school-wide intervention on bullying prevention that involves youth curriculum and staff development. 


Second Step

Interventions on both bullying prevention and violence prevention. Intervention involves the whole school community.


Bully Busters

Intervention focused on educating teachers to prevent bullying. Recognizes both the bully and victim, while working to implement strong positive role models.


I Can Problem Solve

An intervention focused on developing students’ problem solving skills.


Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies (PATHS)

A program that is focused on helping students to develop social emotional skills using a cognitive-behavioral approach. Prioritizes topics like positive self-esteem, self-control, building relationships. 


Restorative Practices

A collection of programs focused on creating safe and effective learning environments and educating youth about how they impact their community. Teaches skills in communication, anger management, and much more. 


Social Decision Making/Social Problem Solving

This program offers a variety of lessons focusing on topics like listening, following directions, resisting provocation, and how to select friends.


LifeSkills Training

A prevention program designed to reduce the risks of alcohol, tobacco, drug abuse, and violence.


Lions Quest

An intervention that works to develop healthy living by establishing a positive self-view and strong learning community.


Michigan Model for Health

A curriculum designed to cover major topics related to youth health, such as social and emotional health, nutrition, substance use, and HIV prevention.


Too Good Programs

A collection of different curricula and interventions focused on students' health. Well-researched interventions focused on preventing drug use and violence.

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