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Tier 2 Interventions for Grades 6-12

Check & Connect

An intervention involving connecting students with an adult in the school who supports that student's attendance, academic, and behavioral challenges.


Student Success Skills (Small Groups)

A program designed to help students develop key cognitive, social, and self-management skills. Works to create a caring classroom environment. Effective in both classroom and small group settings. 


Skills for Academic and Social Success (SASS)

A small group intervention that addresses psychoeducation, realistic thinking, social skills, and more. It’s designed for students with social anxiety. 



A program focused on teachers providing clear behavioral expectations to improve classroom behaviors.


What Works Clearinghouse - Dropout Prevention

A Federal Department of Education guide that includes information on warning indicators and reviews educational research on dropout prevention.


Summer Melt

A research article focusing on students who are accepted to college but do not enroll. The article suggests several different ways to prevent this.

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