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Critical Whiteness

In curating these resources, we are guided by two critical shifts in the scholarship and organizing efforts that we think currently define the most thoughtful discussions in this area: those that push us towards racial healing and those that push us towards collective liberation

Where to Start

Understanding White Supremacy Culture

A primer on White Supremacy Culture–what it means, how it is perpetuated by individuals and by systems, and how to challenge it.

Deepening the Conversation

Whiteness, Pedagogy, and Youth in America (book for purchase) (Tanner, 2018)

Tanner is a voice at the forefront of the second wave of critical whiteness studies–a framework which supports white educators to move beyond a two-dimensional privilege paradigm to understand whiteness with more depth and nuance than traditional notions have offered.

Moving Towards Action

When SEL is Used as Another Form of Policing

How do traditional notions of SEL actually uphold and train youth into dominant white culture? In what ways has SEL been weaponized against BIPOC youth whose behavior transgresses the sometimes narrowly defined set of social and emotional norms deemed appropriate by white eurocentric standards?


“Nice White Parents” Podcast

This 5-part podcast series turns a critical eye toward the ever-influential force of white parents in public education. Looking at history spanning across decades all the way to the present, Nice White Parents unearths deep inequity embedded within the modern educational system.

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