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Disability Justice

Changing the Framework: Disability Justice, How our communities can move beyond access to wholeness (Mingus, 2011)

“As organizers, we need to think of access with an understanding of disability justice, moving away from an equality-based model of sameness and “we are just like you” to a model of disability that embraces difference, confronts privilege and challenges what is considered “normal” on every front.”

Crip Camp (documentary)

​Bialka, C. S., & Havlik, S. (2020). Understanding Elementary and Middle School Counselors' Experiences with Disability Awareness             and Advocacy. Journal of School Counseling, 18(25), n25.

“This qualitative study uses the American Counseling Association (ACA) Advocacy Competencies as a lens to understand how six school counselors raise disability awareness within the context of social justice advocacy.”


Mia Mingus on Disability Justice (interview)

Ten Principles of Disability Justice, Sins Invalid

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