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War, Deployment & Terrorism Issues

With an increase in active US military engagements, more children are having their parents in the military, whether active, reserved, or deployed to combat zones.  As school counselors we are in a unique position to help these vulnerable children to cope with their fears, losses, and changes in family life.

Web Resources

Web Resources

National Association of School Psychologists
NASP provides resources for schools to help children cope with the effects of war and deployment of parents.

United States Department of Veteran Affairs: National Center for Post Traumatic Stress
The Department of Veteran Affairs published the following fact sheets regarding resilience in time of war.

Traumatic Grief in Military Children: Information for Educators
This pamphlet by The National Child Traumatic Stress Network provides information on how educators can help a child whose parent had died while in the service.

Journal Research Articles


When a Parent Goes Off to War: Exploring the Issues Faced by Adolescents and Their Families 
Mmari, K., Roche, K. M., Sudhinaraset, M., & Blum, R. (2009). When a parent goes off to war: Exploring the issues faced by adolescents and their families. Youth & Society, 40(4), 455-475.
Abstract and Journal Access

The Psychosocial Effects of Deployment on Military Children
Flake, E. M., Davis, B. E., Johnson, P. L., & Middleton, L. S. (2009). The psychosocial effects of deployment on military children. Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics, 30(4), 271-278.
Abstract and Journal Access

Teenagers Response to Threat of War and Terror: Gender and the Role of Social Systems
Shamai, M., & Kimhi, S. (2007). Teenagers response to threat of war and terror: Gender and the role of social systems. Community mental health journal, 43(4), 359-374.
Abstract and Journal Access

Using Military Deployments and Job Assignments to Estimate the Effect of Parental Absences and Household Relocations on Children’s Academic Achievement
Lyle, D. S. (2006). Using military deployments and job assignments to estimate the effect of parental absences and household relocations on children’s academic achievement. Journal of Labor Economics, 24(2), 319-350.
Abstract and Journal Access

Curriculum Materials


Military Child Education Coalition
The Coalition holds several professional development opportunities for educators and especially school counselors regarding issues military children might encounter such as transitioning to a new school and the stress of having a parent deployed.  Their institutes are held at various dates and locations in the United States and internationally.

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